Yoga has been my Constant Companion for 18+ years!

My mission is to help you discover YOUR movement potential with science informed Yoga and Movement.

Whether you’re a beginner seeking to master foundational movements, or a seasoned Yogi who’s ready for added variety and challenge, I’ve got your back!

I emphasise:

    • ACTIVE mobility over passive flexibility
    • FUNctional Movement SKILLS over ‘achieving shapes’
    • Tissue ADAPTATION over forcing or pushing
    • MINDFUL movement over competition, performance or diet culture
    • RELAXATION techniques that honour your needs over a one-size-fits-all approach

My Credentials

I understand quality is key and I haven’t skimped on my training.

I continue to enquire into the science and traditions of Yoga through both formal ongoing education programs as well as via books, podcasts and blogs from thought leaders in my own field, as well as in the fields of: exercise science, anatomy & physiology, biomechanics, pain science and psychology to name a few.

To date, I’ve completed:

In process:

And I’m a member of the following Professional Associations:

My Story

I began my own Yoga practice over 18 years ago and from my first class I felt a sense of stillness that I’d not experienced before. I became aware of how incessant my mind chatter had been, and

I woke up to the idea that I am NOT my thoughts.

Over time, however, I realised that Yoga as my primary movement practice created imbalances in my body.

In 2020 this culminated in hip, shoulder, wrist and lower back pain - to the point where I questioned whether I'd be able to continue teaching.

I needed answers - quick!

This enquiry led to me to anatomy and physiology training with Wisdom Yoga Institute followed by completing my Yoga Detour Method certification which has been a game changer!

Yoga Detour draws on proven exercise science principles to take the Yoga we love to the next level.

With it you get stronger, more mobile and have more control in complex movements so you can approach Yoga asana from a more ‘active’ vantage point.

My deep curiosity and love of movement and mindfulness has brought me great joy, energy, fitness and wellbeing.

My passion is sharing what I’ve learned with others who are also deeply curious, have a growth mindset and want to feel energised, strong and at ease in their bodies.

I hope you’ll join me on the mat!

Sarah X